3/4 BHK flats

Planning for Flat in Delhi NCR

Delhi is one of the most happening metro cities in India. Besides being the financial capital of the country. It is also known as a city of the dream. If you want to buy 3 BHK flat in NCR then please be careful about some facts:

2bhk flats

If you are in the current downfall ends in time there will once again be a surge in the market. So, for those who looking for an investment, the current market has of giving back higher returns in a shorter time. On the other hand, the people who are looking for move-ins, it’s time for when they can get maximum bargains and attractive offers.

A wise investment can give you back maximum profits. Expert advice not to book on-card projects as there is no certainty about delivery. SS Satiya says that one should only ask buy a property from owners, which are ready to be sold, ready to move in also.So, if you have some cash in hand and an idea in of buying a flat, then start your quest for the property now. Experts believe that prices will once again go up as soon as the crisis ends.

As for selling, it is advisable not to sell unless you are planning to buy another property to move in. Swapping properties (selling residential to buy commercial) for the sake of investment or in the hope of getting higher returns, is also not advisable.

Any investment decision today needs to taken with a long term horizon in mind. Ask yourself some basic questions: why do you want to buy now? What kind of returns are you expecting? Do you have a long term or a short term goal in mind?

Buyers wanting to buy directly from the builder should be careful about the quality of the inventory, the floor they choose and the facilities being offered. “My advice is: try and negotiate the maintenance amount being demanded by the builder in advance. Also check the history of the property you want to invest in, check which floor you are buying into as most top and ground floors with the developer could be compounded properties. So, check if they are part of the original plan,” says SK Pal, a Supreme Court lawyer.

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