Property in Gurgaon

Tips to Choose a Property in a Locality Convenient to you

There are several other factors that buyers should consider to buy property in Gurgaon, for reaching a decision.

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 Existing infrastructure

  1. Connectivity with your workplace: Among the locations that you have selected, ascertain each one’s connectivity to your workplace – while one location may be far off from your workplace, the other location may be closer to the office.
  2. Ease of commute: Besides the distance from your workplace, ease of commuting between the location and your workplace, is also crucial. If a particular location has a better mode of conveyance then, it makes sense to opt for that location.
  3. Presence of basic amenities/markets: Once you move into your property, you will need some basic amenities and markets that fulfill your daily requirement.
  4. Safety: Established localities tend to have better safety, compared to new locations. Some locations also have residents’ welfare associations, which take care of the security of the colony.

 Future prospects

While projects in prime locations may seem alluring, buyers should also consider the future prospects of the project and the infrastructure developments in the location.

  • Residential versus commercial: It is important to gauge, if the location that you are considering, will be developed as a residential or commercial area. A fully residential area with a fair mix of commercial centers, offers good living conditions. However, a residential property in a fully commercial area may not be a wise choice in the long run.
  • ‘Green’ quotient: With global warming now a reality and most metropolitan cities facing problems of pollution, a home that offers more ‘green’ aspects has several advantages. Buyers can check if the property is equipped to conserve energy and has enough natural light; as such provisions will help to save power and money in the long run. You should also check the areas surrounding the property (which may be developed in future) for the amount of greenery it will offer, as it will have a direct bearing on air pollution and the lifestyle in future.
  • Proximity to highway or an infrastructure project: While proximity to an upcoming highway can boost the property’s price, there can be other associated problems. Regular pollution from the busy highway can cause health problems.

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